20 April 2011

don't wanna fight

1st time dgr lagu nih trs jatuh centa!

kila search video n MP3 lam tenet tuk present kt xble nak show coz laman web tu kena blocked kt kasi lirik jerk la..

layan la yerk..!

I don’t wanna fight, I don’t wanna fuss girl
Tonight I just wanna make, make love girl
I don’t wanna fight, I don’t wanna fuss girl
Tonight can we just make, make love girl
LOVE (x12)
Tonight can we just make
LOVE (x10)
Tonight can we just make
Lately (lately), We been going through it baby (baby)
Slammin' doors and yellin' like crazy (crazy)
Cusin' each other out everyday (everyday), everynight (everynight)
Girl I (girl I), Wanna put it all aside (aside)
And focus on your body tonight (tonight)
Kiss you on your lips while I stroke your head gently
Let's try to flip the script tonight 

Cause I just wanna chill
Girl I wanna feel your body next to mine (to mine, to mine)
Don't wanna scream, girl can we please hold each other tight (all night) 

Uh Trina
Now you wanna hold me, kiss, and touch me
Just yesterday you ain't even know me
I been lonely, no communication
Findin' numbers am I supposed to be patient
I waited the sun came up, watched you walk out the house I was stuck
Tears fell down my face, so hurt
You chase everything in a tight min-skirt (baby I'm sorry)
That hurt was she better than me
Bein in love ain't cost but you ain't even free
Why me? Why you standin right here?
Pullin on my wrist singin in my ear
You wanna make love no you wanna play games
I'm a grown woman better check my name
Tired of being damaged all I do is cry
You wanna start over gimme 1 reason why 

shhh!!~make me feel......whatever la ek..^_^

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